5. Conflict, conflict, conflict,

Conflict, conflict, … it is so important I can’t say it enough. Now we have womanising Nathaniel, we need conflict in the story. Without it the reader will be bored, and I will be even more bored, the story will be a corpse. We get conflict by giving Nataniel a dilemma.


Nataniel has to have a dilemma. Well we know he keeps many women on the go by using a system, it would be a dilemma if his highly successful system stops working. Say he is seeing three women at once. Initially all is well but, in quick succession he hits a big setback with each. One setback could be passed off a glitch, but three would suggest his system is broken. So Nataniel now has a dilemma.


The dilemma has introduced the opposition. All good drama has to have some opposing force. This force cannot be weak, it must try and test Nathaniel, it must be equally as strong and cunning as he. Three women sounds like more than formidable opposition, at least one of them will be a match for Nathaniel.


Keeping all these characters in the pot, boiling away needs a bond. Something that prevents everyone just walking off and doing something else rather than getting into loggerheads. Nathaniel will desperately want to get his system back on track, the next ten years of his sex life depends on it. For the women it will be the desire for revenge and just using the ‘r’ word makes me apprehensive for Nathaniel’s wellbeing.


Finally, Nathaniel needs to have some inner turmoil going on. It will make him more real and hopefully get some empathy from any lady readers who at this point would gladly just push him off a cliff. Harking back to the character biography we see how he likes people to be happy. He seeks out happy situations himself and avoids downers. Therefore his inner conflict could be he wants the freedom of lots of options for his love life, but agonises over the unhappiness he may cause in the bargain. He is coping with this inner conflict by trying to make the girls as happy as he can when he is with them, also part of his ‘system’ causes the eventual break up with the girl in the least painful way i.e. it dupes them into to breaking up with him.


Now I have a character (Nathaniel) with a dilemma it is possible to begin a premise. This will be tomorrows blog, see you there.

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