4. Nathaniel Fripp, in his own words

I was born Nathaniel Fripp under the star sign of Aquarius in the year of our lord Nineteen eighty seven.

Mum and Dad got married young, they were both in their early twenties. From an early age I sensed they didn’t get on. Probably why they only had one child, me. They are still together now, I don’t visit often as I don’t like to see how much they loath each other and can’t understand why they don’t just breakup. Dad is a good looking bloke for someone in their late fifties and he has always been a snappy dresser. It was one of the few things I admired about him, he looked good, and he dressed well.

Anyway I’d learnt early on that limiting your options to just one partner was asking for pain. It had been emotionally painful those warring years at home. That’s why I steer clear of emotional pain as much as possible, I can’t even watch a tear jerker movie without tears rolling down my cheeks.

As I approached mid teens it dawned on me that girls were not just  irritating cry babies to be ignored or wound up for fun. They now had desirable things like breasts, and something even more exciting down below. I decided I wanted lots of them, and to change them frequently when they got to be a pain.

At first my boyish face proved a problem, I looked too young for my age. Girls wanted the older looking boys. Now at the age of thirty my boyish looks have the opposite effect. Girls often comment on the smoothness of my skin which is never marred by a five o’clock shadow. Back then though, it was an obstacle to be overcome as I just wasn’t on the fanciable radar. I needed a plan.

Fortunately I was good at plans, I enjoyed making them. On the childhood holidays they were essential as Mum and Dad wouldn’t see further than the end of their noses and were just happy to row and dig at each other. I would weeks beforehand have pored over the holiday brochures identifying all the interesting stuff and planning on which day to do them. It had been a ploy initially to distract Mum and Dad from their war, however, I found I really enjoyed planning; then ticking something interesting off the list. There is a infinite world of interesting stuff out there and I’m going to enjoy as much of it as possible. Sometimes I feel if I don’t plan new stuff I will be become bored with life itself. I don’t want to think what I would do to myself if I was tethered to a dull person or routine.

A breakthrough occurred at school when I discovered that girls were different from each other. Some would get angry or upset by an event whereas others would be excited or found it funny. If they did get angry or upset the perpetrator was rarely forgiven, they had blown it! The seed of a plan was sown, a different approach for each girl was needed which was tailored towards playing on their likes and more crucially being in accord with their dislikes. Each girl I would chat up only after spying on her for a time beforehand and collecting enough data to figure her out.

I lost my virginity at the age of fifteen to a good looking and athletic farmer’s daughter who was being pursued by most boys in the school. I stuck to my formula and success after success occurred into my late teens. Leaving girls to move on to someone new was easy, no one was really considering settling down at that age.

I acquired quite an interest in what drives people to do what they do. Therefore after getting reasonable ‘A’ levels and not seeing any attainable career that would offer me the variety and freedom from routine that I desired, I went to Uni to study psychology.

At Uni after initial successes with girl students things seemed to be going downhill as I approached the end of my degree. Girls were changing, they weren’t in the heady days of first sex anymore. They were thinking about careers and whether they admitted it or not, the ‘c’ word was raising its ugly head, ‘commitment’. My system was too simple, alright for teenage years but not sophisticated enough to keep working through my twenties.

I saw how my university degree could serve some useful purpose and dived into my text books to study how women think holistically. I pictured  a new system, more sophisticated and exciting. The new system which would keep me supplied with pretty girls for the next decade.


OK so Nataniel is coming into focus now. But, he will need more contradictions more complexity before he is living and breathing and standing before me ready to jump into the story. Comments welcome.















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