11. Finishing the story, and the truly awful typewriter

The story of murderously vengeful Felicity is finished. The next blog will report what methods worked, what was a waste of time, and what has been learnt about short story writing.

Meanwhile, a good part of the story was produced on the typewriter below. I looked up reviews about it and thought it had got a lot of stick. Unjustifiably so.


This is the Smith Corona SCM Empire-Corona Deluxe. I bought it last year for twenty to thirty quid. Now according to people who like typewriters this model is truly awful. Apparently it is cheaply built and made of plastic, yuk! It is serial no. 5YB 56770 and was made around 1967 in West Bromwich (believe it or not there is a online database that can date most typewriters, if that’s fascinating or nerdy I’m not sure). What seems to go against this model is that they were being produced in large quantities and whittled down to be made as cheap as possible to go on the shelves of chain stores such as Woolworths. Hence they had to be manufactured on the cheap because price competitive models were streaming in from Europe and stealing the market. Olivetti was pushing out a range that were good quality machines and looked as sexy as hell by comparison.

But in 2017 I think it deserves a better press.

It is really light due to its plastic shell, easy light enough to use as a laptop while sitting on the sofa, or outside in a deck chair. The plastic is comfortable on the thighs and not cold, like the metal cased models.

Also, it is quiet compared to its much better loved typewriters. What most enthusiasts like is the click clacking sound, however the rest of the planet find it  annoying to the point of violence. With this model, the dull sound makes it the least obtrusive of all my six typewriters.

Finally, look at the typewritten text below. It is as good, or even better, than all the other models in my collection and that’s after fifty years. Happy half century SCM Empire-Corona Deluxe.


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